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Tips on How to Improve Home Security

08/04/2015 Back To Blog

With the increasing number of burglaries nowadays, you should do everything you can to keep your home secure, not only for the sake of your property, but most importantly your family.Tips on How to Improve Home Security

Keep Your Home Secure With These 5 Easy Tips

* Change locks if moving to a new place

If you move into a new apartment or home that previously had another tenant or owner, it’s recommended that you ask for lock replacement before moving in. Keys can be copied easily and even if they say that they have given you all the copies of the keys of your house or apartment, it would be difficult for you to determine if this is true. You’ll never know if someone still has a copy of your home lock keys so it’s best to change the locks for your own privacy. Invest in high security locks to get the protection that you need against burglars. Deadbolt installation is recommended as it offers better security.

* Install an alarm system

Having this security system installed in your house would keep intruders out of your property as they know that there’s a big chance that they would be caught if they try to break-in as the alarm could be triggered. Make sure to let them know by posting a sign that you have security system in your house so they would have second thoughts trying to enter your home.

* Turn on lights in front of the house

Burglars love working in dark places because they cannot be seen. If the front of your home is well lit, they would think twice before getting in as they could be seen and they may end up being caught. If you want to conserve energy and don’t want the light to be on throughout the night, you may invest in a motion detection lighting system that would turn on the light when movement is detected.

* Add metal bars on sliding windows and doors

The space on the bottom part of sliding windows and doors could give thieves the chances to gain access to your home by forcing it the window or door to open. To prevent this from happening, a metal bar should be installed at the bottom of these sliding windows and doors. Speaking of windows, several incidences happened in which burglars were able to get in through an unlocked window. If your windows don’t have locks yet, it’s time to have them installed. Moreover, you may also consider having burglar-proof glass installed so they can’t be easily broken.

* Trim shrubs in your house

This will not just beautify your place but it would also help prevent burglary. How? Burglars may hide on thick shrubs and if yours are properly maintained, it would not feel inviting for them.

These are just some of the things that you can do to improve the security of your home. Always be vigilant and report any suspicious matters to the police. If there are damaged locks, go for a lock fix immediately to prevent putting your property’s safe in jeopardy.

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