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Do you have several questions about locks and how you can avoid related problems? Do you have questions about key repairs? The following answers will truly help you. They answer frequently asked lock and key related questions and will help you deal with many issues. Find them here below

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Could I tell if the locks are about to break?

Some may not easily notice it but there are many warning signs that could tell if your home locks are about to break. You do not want to stay in a home with the expense of your locks broken. It is best that you get the services of a professional locksmith to replace the locks with better ones.

When broken, should locks be repaired or replaced?

Most of the time, broken locks require replacement since these may seem impossible to repair and may put your security at risk. Your personal safety may be put at risk so it is only necessary that you have it replaced by a new one instead with settling with a repaired one.

What are the pros and cons of installing a double deadbolt

Deadbolt installation is an ideal way of adding an extra layer of security. With the double deadbolt, you would need a key to open the lock both from the outside and the inside. That is why it is often inappropriate for commercial applications due to fire and safety guidelines plus residential owners who are prone to losing/misplacing keys.

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